The Lower Mississippi River Water Trail


Rivergator Atchafalaya Appendix 17:

Definitions for Atchafalaya River:



Baton Rouge - "Red Stick"  an old boundary marker on top of Istrouma Bluff 


Batture - land between the levee and the river 


Bayou - "Bayuk" in Choctaw = "Small Stream." Winding swampy waterway with cypress trees and little or no flow


Bayou Goula - a Native American tribe from Mississippi and Louisiana.  Translates as “bayou people.” 


Chickory - roasted and ground root of the sassafrass, New Orleans blend mixed with coffee  


Manchac - "Rear Entrance" in Choctaw, Manchac Bayou is an old trade route to Gulf


Plaquemine - Bayou Goula word for "Persimmon"


Roux - flour toasted in grease, starter for cajun specialties like gumbo and jambalaya


Bayou - waterway with cypress and swamps, and little to no flow.


Laignappe - Cajun for “a little something extra”