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Rivergator Atchafalaya Appendix 19:

Fish Names in Atchafalaya Basin:


Fish Names in Atchafalaya

Crawfish - That's CRAWfish, if you say CRAYfish in South Louisiana you will give yourself away as a yankee (anyone not from South Louisiana).


Gou-Jaune  - Flathead (Pylodictis olivaris), "yellow gou" the flathead catfish, the most sought-after fish in the Atchafalaya Basin. Also known as or Appaloosa, Opelousas, Yellow Cat, or Shovelhead in other parts. They prefer live bait and inhabit fast-flowing water.


Poisson Arme - "armed fish" the garfish.


Sac au lait - “Bag of Milk,” Cajun name for crappie, black or white


Yellow Bullhead, Black Bullhead - small, common cats, and considered trash fish.  These are your "mud cats."


Cypress Trout - Choupique - the Bowfin fish. Choupique is a derivative of the Choctaw Indians’ “shupik”, which aptly means “mud fish.”  (Amia calva)


Green Trout - Large Mouth Bass


Speckled Trout - or spotted weakfish is Cynoscion nebulosus.  Salt water favorite. This is the trout from which the popular New Orleans dish Trout Almondine is traditionally made.


White Trout - is a salt water fish related to speckled trout


Brown Trout - the kind of trout seen below outhouses and hunting camps


Redfish - Red Drum, the other much sought after coastal fish.





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