The Lower Mississippi River Water Trail

Baton Rouge to New Orleans

95.3 LBD Julia Street Cruise Ship Terminal


95.1 RBD Capital Marine Supply, Inc., Algiers Fleet Mooring


95.1 RBD Bollinger Algiers LLC., Powder Street Wharf


95.1 LBD International Rivercenter Excursion Vessel Landing


94.9 LBD Canal Street Excursion Vessel Wharf


94.9 LBD - 94.8 RBD Algiers - Canal Street Ferry

The Algiers - Canal Street Ferry has been in operation since 1827. Paddlers, you can camp in Algiers on the beautiful Algiers Beach (up to 10NO) or the fields below the levee in higher water levels, and then use the ferry for access to the Canal Street, the French Quarter, and the rest of New Orleans. The Algiers Ferry runs daily on the hour and half hour, from 6am - 9pm, Fridays and Saturdays until 11:45pm. You can board the ferry in Algiers near Algiers Point, or in New Orleans at the foot of Canal Street – right next to the Aquarium of the Americas. The ride is for pedestrians and bikers only and costs $2.

94.8 RBD Algiers Ferry Landing


94.9 LBD Canal Street Ferry Landing


94.7 Audubon Aquarium of the Americas

The Mississippi dives to over 200 feet deep at Algiers Point. The Lower Mississippi is considered the richest inland fishery in North America, and yet most of it remains out of sight in the deep muddy water. If you’ve ever wondered what are the creatures you’ve been paddling over, here along the river in the French Quarter is your opportunity. Audubon Aquarium of the Americas, 1 Canal St, New Orleans, LA 70130.

94.7 LBD Bienville St. (Aquarium Landing) Wharf


94.6 LBD Moonwalk, French Quarter

Make your landing at the staircase on the levee at the “Moonwalk,” and secure your vessel. Now you can enjoy a walk over the levee to access the heart of the French Quarter in Jackson Square. Cafe Du Monde and the French Market are nearby, and the St. Louis Cathedral rises austerely in three prominent spires pointing to heaven. Go say your prayers, and thank the lord god creator for your safe journey thus far. And then head deep into the quarter for much deserved libations, dancing, and music at legendary locales like the Spotted Cat Music Club, the Three Muses, Snug Harbor, DBA, there is no end to the choices here for great music, great food, and great fun. Later you can stop by the Cafe du Monde for a steaming cup of New Orleans chicory coffee to carry back over the Moonwalk before you re-board your canoe.

While in the New Orleans area keep your radio tuned to WWOZ FM 90.7 for great music and commentary. WWOZ is housed at 1008 N Peters St, just downstream of the French Quarter. Musicians are welcome anytime, long-standing policy. Carry your guitar, mandolin, or whatever and walk down for a visit. You might find yourself being interviewed on the air and making an impromptu station performance.

At the far downstream end of the Moonwalk, where the rip-rap rocks meet the Governor Nicholls Street Wharf, there is a mediocre place to drag your boat and lock it to the metal divider of the wharf. Beware*** canoes have been stolen here. Your love of the river is shared by hungry, broke, drunk transients, who gather here. But this is a good place to get your boat out of sight of the majority of people. There's an abundance of guides to the French Quarter. Don't miss the street musicians on Royal Street, though. Some of the five star Creole restaurants, like Antoine's, offer a really cheap lunches on weekdays with $.50 martinis, cheap enough for a river rat! Doll yourself up and celebrate! (Wolf E. Staudinger)

94.6 LBD Esplanade Avenue Wharf


94.5 RBD Algiers Point


94.5 - 94.3 RBD Algiers Point Park


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