The Lower Mississippi River Water Trail

New Orleans to Venice

-1.9 RBD Emeline Pass

1.9 miles down Baptiste Collette you can turn into Emeline Pass and paddle another 6 miles to Gulf via Breton Sound, but be forewarned, no sandy beaches are to be found.

-2.5 RBD Fimbel Pass

Fimbel Pass is found 2.5 miles Baptiste Collette Bayou. You can paddle down Fimbel Pass 5 miles to reach Breton Sound, but it is very busy with oil industry traffic, and there are no beaches.

-6 to -8 Baptiste Collette Jetty

From -6 to -8 a long jetty lines both sides of Baptiste Collette Bayou making it very dangerous for paddlers, and impossible to reach beaches and points of interest behind.

11.2 - 10 LBD Upper Venice Anchorage


10.8 LBD Gulf South Natural Gas Station


10.7 RBD U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Dredge Wheeler Dock


10.5 RBD U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Mooring Basin


10.5 RBD Milpark Drilling Fluids


10.5 RBD Offshore Shipyard Wharf


10.5 RBD Plaquemines Parish Jump Basin


10.5 RBD Terrebonne Fuel & Lube Co.


10.5 RBD L & L Oil Co.


10.5 RBD Venice Ice Co.


10.5 RBD Venice, LA, the End of the Road

(1 mile to Tiger Pass, 1 mile down Tiger Pass to takeout at Cypress Cove Marina Boat Ramp, or go 1 mile further to Venice Marina Boat Ramp)

Paddlers seeking the last possible public boat ramp for connection back to land should enter the Grand Pass through “The Jump” and then into Tiger Pass, continue another mile and make your ultimate landing at either Cypress Cove Marina or the Venice Marina. Food and lodging available at both. $10 launch or landing fee at Venice Marina. No charge at Cypress Cove. Keep reading below for more information.

Directions to the Marinas in Tiger Pass:

One mile down Grand Pass, bear right at Tiger Pass. One mile further will bring you to Cypress Cover Marina, an oasis for paddlers and fishermen in the otherwise very industrial Venice waterfront. Look for the third major opening to a harbor, just below a fish cleaning station and then a narrow row of fishing condos. Cypress Cove Marina would the best place to tell your ride to meet you for your return home after your Mississippi River trip (whether you paddle back from the Gulf, or hitch a ride with a powerboat). Cypress Cove is closer (by a mile) and there is no charge. Venice Marina is larger, busier, and there is a $10 charge for boat ramp use.

Cypress Cove Marina

235 Cypress Cove Rd
Venice, LA 70091

Venice Marina is another mile beyond Cypress Cove. Continue down Tiger Pass to where it splits at a T-intersection. Go right (SW) and take the first opening on right bank descending into the Venice Marina. The boat ramps are located in far NE corner. If you would like you can find food and arrange overnight accommodations here. Inquire at the Marina store, or visit website listed below for reservations.

Venice Marina

237 Sports Marina Rd.
Venice, LA 70091-4437