The Lower Mississippi River Water Trail


Summary of Passes in Birdsfoot Delta

Baptiste Collette Bayou

  • Fimbel Pass
  • Emeline Pass

Grand Pass

  • U.S. Coast Guard Station
  • US Fish & Wildlife Station

Grand Pass: Tiger Pass

  • Cypress Cove Marina
  • Venice Marina

Cubit’s Gap: Main Pass:

  • Delta Pass
  • Cottam Pass

Cubit’s Gap: Octave Pass:

  • Savage Island
  • Brant Island
  • Contrariete Pass
  • Spanish Island
  • Dead Woman Pass
  • Dead Woman island
  • Twenty Seven Pass
  • Bienvenue Pass

Cubit’s Gap: Brant Bayou

  • Albert’s Pond
  • French Duck Pond
  • Pintail Pond
  • Dave Inside Pond
  • Coule Pond
  • and many others...

Cubit’s Gap: Raphael Pass

  • Martins Pass
  • Round Pond

South Pass

  • Port Eads
  • North South Pass Island
  • South South Pass Island
  • South Pass Beaches

Pass a Loutre

  • Sawdust Bend Bayou
  • Loomis Pass
  • Cognevich Pass
  • Southeast Pass
  • Southeast Pass Island
  • Redfish Bay
  • Blind Bay
  • North Pass

Southwest Pass

  • Burrwood Bayou
  • Pogo Producing Co (Last Refinery on Lower Miss)
  • Southwest Pass Bar Pilot’s Standby Station
  • Southwest Pass Lighthouse

Go on to next section for complete descriptions. All of these passes will be reported on in detail in the next section of the Rivergator, the River Log: Venice to Gulf of Mexico. Also, go to Rivergator custom Google map “Paddling the Mississippi Birdsfoot Delta” for these and many more possibilities.