The Lower Mississippi River Water Trail

Caruthersville to Osceola

rbd 783.5 Sans Souci Boat Ramp

Excellent Boat Ramp with ample parking on either side.  Best ramp above Memphis.  Perfect put-in for canoeing or kayaking the four Chickasaw Bluffs into Memphis (which sprawls over and behind the 4th bluff).  Don’t leave vehicle overnight; arrange shuttle.


As you leave Sans Souci Landing headed downstream and paddle into the middle of the strong channel found there you will get your fist glimpse of the first of the Chickasaw Bluffs, the Fort Pillow Bluff, which doesn’t appear like nothing more than a line of trees slightly higher than the rest at this distance.  Five miles downstream, however that line of trees will reveal one of the most incredible natural phenomenas along the Lower Mississippi...  Keep reading below.

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