The Lower Mississippi River Water Trail

Printing the Rivergator:

The Rivergator is open public access free-of-charge.  Please print or access from your smart phone.  (Presented in roughly 100 miles sections from St. Louis to the Gulf of Mexico). 


Best case scenario: 1) print up section of Rivergator that you will be canoeing or kayaking.  2) Print up accompanying USACE river maps.  3) Print up NOAA River Stage Forecasts the day before you embark on your adventure for latest readings and forecast.  4) Lastly, listen to and print up latest weather forecast. 


Secure the above by inserting pages into 8.5x11 page protectors and bundle into a 3-ring notebook or waterproof map casing (available at most water outfitters such as Outdoors Inc Memphis or online at REI or NRS).


If using smart phone protect with water-proof casing!  The river is hungry for electronic devices and equipment that doesn’t float!  (I have personally left several marine radios, a half dozen knives, and one camera with the sturgeon and catfish at the bottom of the river!)


The Rivergator is a public service to you compliments of the Lower Mississippi River Foundation with support from dozens of river experts and partner organizations.  Feel free to share electronically any portion of the Rivergator.  But if you do so, please give credit where credit is due!

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