The Lower Mississippi River Water Trail

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RBD 767.6-761.5 Island 35,-89.955711&spn=0.086065,0.180931


From the main channel of the river 6,000 acre Island 35 seems rather a dull over-farmed section of river you just have to steel your gaze, bow your head, and paddle hard to get beyond, especially after the excitement of the colossal 2nd Chickasaw Bluff above, and the striking beauties of the islands awaiting below.  But beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right?  Island 35 recently sold for $12 million at $2,000 an acre.  Who would pay such a price for such an island, which seems to have no remarkable attributes?  As a matter of amusement and appreciation of this island and of those who probably never set paddle in the water, see below real estate listing for island 35:


Water flow: Good flow.  Island 35: Premier Hunting Club on the Mississippi River

Property type: Recreational Retreat.  Price: $12,118,000. Location: Wilson , AR County: Mississippi Acreage: 6,059.00 Acres. MOPLS#12382


Description: Island 35 is a premier, privately owned hunting property on the Mississippi River near Wilson, AR just north of Brandywine Island. It lies in Mississippi County, AR and Tipton County, TN and can be accessed via road on the Arkansas side of the river. Hunting: Similar Mississippi River hunting lands are highly sought after and seldom change hands. Island 35 has been vigorously managed to maximize wildlife habitat for primarily a trophy deer and turkey population. The standard has been set very high as far as the criteria that have to be met for deer harvest. Boone and Crockett bucks are being taken on Island 35. Doe management is practiced as well to keep the buck to doe ratio in check. Many food plots are scattered throughout the property. Other hunting opportunities include small game, waterfowl and dove. In addition, the owner has had a full time caretaker and farmer on the property since he acquired it. The caretaker/farmer lives on the property. Description of Land: Merchantable Timber acres: 2480 Cropland acres: 600 WRP acres: 1500 Cutover acres: 180 Remaining acres: Food plots, bars, sloughs, lakes, roads, young timber and brush, etc. Timber Value Summary as of 2010: Hardwood Saw timber: 7,850 MBF @ $140/MBF = $1,099,000 Hardwood Pulpwood: 94,820 Tons @ $17/Ton = $1,611,940 Total 2010: $2,711,940 Copies of cruise information are available upon request. Cropland Information: 600+- Acres in cultivation. The cropland is pivot irrigated and has cotton and soybean bases. FSA information is available upon request. The caretaker also farms and has a year to year verbal lease. Improvements: Lodge: There is a new 2400 (30*80) square foot lodge on the property that was just recently built. The lodge has a large master bedroom, 3 guest rooms, 2 baths, including a Jacuzzi tub in the master bathroom. It has a large porch that wraps around the entire perimeter. It has an open floor plan with a large kitchen and island, nice dining area, and very comfortable sitting areas. And they didn’t forget the large mud room for all the hunting gear. Shop: The shop is an insulated 40*40 metal building on a concrete slab. It is big enough to store a tractor and all-terrain vehicles. It also has a nice game cleaning area and sink. Boat launch and Storage Shed: There are a couple of concrete boat launches on the river and one has a large storage pavilion to park boats under. Other miscellaneous: There is no access other than from the north end of the property, and no one has an easement through the property. Access is very controlled. That part of the property to the south known as Engineer’s Bar has a 24 acre lake with great fishing and duck hunting. Duck hunting in the sloughs and the lake is excellent, and even better when the river gets high