The Lower Mississippi River Water Trail

Greenville to Lake Providence

Greenville Gauge and is especially turbulent over these dikes between 25 and 30.  As the river rises even further the turbulence smooths out and the water speed increases.  The three islands become smaller and the sand disappears until only a small dunes are found along the highest tops, notably at the top of the bottomost island, near RBD 508.


Paddler's Choices through Cracraft Chute & Sarah's Cutoff


In the twenty-mile river run through Kentucky Bend, Cracraft Chute and Sarah's Cutoff canoeists, kayakers and stand up paddleboarders (SUPs) will discover one of the wildest and most beautiful sections of river anywhere along the Lower Mississippi River. Kentucky Bar and Leota Bar offer good camping at all water levels.  Great back channels and old river chutes to explore along the way. 


Main Channel

The main channel meanders to and fro from Arkansas to Mississippi and back again, eventually entering Louisiana.  Following the strong flow around the outside of Kentucky Bend the paddler should make a crossing over to right bank descending below Grand Lake and then follow the flow back into middle channel, then left bank five miles down  towards Carolina Chute, and on around Cracraft Bar into Sarah Cutoff.


Back Channel of Kentucky Bar

Leave the main channel near mile 520 well above Kentucky Bar and enter its wide mouth for a beautiful six mile back channel run.  Possible campsites in medium water, but no sandy locations at high water.


Back Channel of Island 88

Ten mile loop around the perimeter of Island 88.  Only possible in high water levels, above 37 on the Greenville Gauge.  Beware of water falling over low road around 35GG.


Leota Back Channel

At high water levels canoeists or kayakers can hug the left bank descending below Kentucky Bend and follow the currents behind Leota.  Possible back channel campsites up to flood stage.


Cracraft Back Channel

At medium water above 30GG the back channel of Cracraft opens up with slow flow over the dikes, good flow at 40GG.


Bunch's Cutoff RBD 503.5