The Lower Mississippi River Water Trail

Island 63 to Hurricane

LBD 616-614 Cession’s Towhead

For main channel visual relief you can enter the back channel behind Cession’s Towhead above the 616.1 light and follow it at first Easterly and then North-easterly one mile and then around the backside of the island for a southerly run back to the main channel.  This is an ancient big river channel now abandoned, technically the land part of the island is Arkansas.  You will end up making about a five mile back channel run for two miles on the main channel.   But who ever said education is easy?  You will see things never seen on the main channel.  In the early fall clumps of cottonwood & willow fluff waft down the shining channel in sleepy flurries, and the birds flit to & fro in their endless wanderings and playful forays.  There is a hunting camp Mississippi shore towards the end of the channel.  Cession’s is a blocky-shaped Island that is completely covered in forests which like all Lower Mississippi River Islands are sometimes culled by loggers like Anderson Tulley (most recently in 2011).  No camping, very little sand anywhere.


LBD 610 Hurricane Point (Dennis Landing)

Steep Concrete Boat Ramp dropping precipitously into an agitated edge of a big eddy, right at the edge of the powerful currents of the main channel.  Usable at water levels up to 37HG when the parking lot above starts going under water.  Paddlers can access river at any levels though from the levee above.  Road leads over main levee via a short stub levee, on the other side its a short drive through a grove of Osage Orange to reach the paved Dennis Landing Road, from there its three miles to Mississippi Highway 1. Limited parking okay for daytrip.  Not safe for multi-day parking.  Best bet: arrange shuttle and park elsewhere.

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