The Lower Mississippi River Water Trail

Vicksburg to Natchez

Vicksburg Services and Accommodations

For long distance paddlers Vicksburg will be your best place for resupply, rest and relaxation, and reconnoiter.  Do not leave your vessel unattended!  Portage or safely stash your vessel and gear and walk up the hill to Washington Street which is full of restaurants, shops, bars, cafes, a drug store and a dollar store.  The library is at the South end of downtown, and the Highway 61 Coffeehouse at the other, both are great for orienting yourself and finding local information. There are a couple of options for

hotels nearby, but the closest grocery store is the County Market (2101 Clay Street) and 1 mile to the East.   You’ll have to hop the bus or find a ride for food supply if you need Wal-Mart or Kroger.  These two are miles away in the strip malls along Interstate 20.  The Relax Inn (1313 Walnut St.) is within walking distance (3 blocks) of the Vicksburg boat launch with $45/night rate or the Portofino Hotel (1310 Mulberry St.) is one block away ($80/night).  Portage your vessel and ask them to let you safely store it.  Public Wi-Fi in the 1200-1400 blocks of Washington Street.


Catfish Row Children’s Art & Water Park is located on Levee Street just across the Vicksburg boat ramp.   There are drinking water fountains and free electricity (outlets on the light poles).   In the summer, cool off and maybe sneak in a bath in the water park fountains    Hours:  Open daily 9:00 – sunset.


Another possible landing for paddlers needing resupply in Vicksburg in low or medium water levels is the River Front Park left bank descending at 436.5 (directly below the Washington Street Louisiana Circle Overlook).   Primitive landings only on shelves of rock, mounds of hardened mud, or if you’re lucky (and perceptive) one of the small beaches that usually form here in between the mud and the rock.   Make your landing and pull vessel completely out of the water (or risk capsize - the waves get big here).  Your gear should be safe here, no one else uses this location.  Scramble your way several hundred yards up the bluffs to the park.  Some bushwhacking might be necessary. 


River Front Park has a drinking water fountain, bathrooms and free electricity (outlets within the pavilion.  Within walking distance of the park (up the hill and down Washington Street) you will find a Kangaroo Gas Station, Shell Gas Station with a Subway attached, Waffle House and Ameristar Hotel, Days Inn and Suites and other economical hotel choices.  If you stay at the Dixiana you might be awakened out of your sleep by some of the all-night activity that seems to take place.


Public Transportation

The City of Vicksburg offers public transportation through the NRoute system. NRoute operates Monday through Friday from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sit back, relax, and enjoy a safe comfortable air-conditioned ride while listening to music by some of Vicksburg's and Mississippi's most famous Delta Blues musicians.  You might even learn a little more about Vicksburg along the way! Need schedules or special assistance? Call or go by the NRoute office to obtain route schedules and maps.  All buses are handicapped accessible. They are also equipped with bike racks for those commuting from place to place.


For $2, you can go to grocery stores (Kroger, Corner Market, Walmart), hospitals, the Vicksburg National Military Park, and the US Army Corps Map Room.  Washington Street (2 blocks from Vicksburg City Front boat ramp) has NRoute bus stops on it.  See below for contact info.


We Care Customer Hotline 601-636-1053

Maps and other assistance offered at 2501 Halls Ferry Road


For fare schedules go to bus info


Wi-Fi: Vicksburg provides free wireless internet access along the 1200 through the 1400 block of Washington Street.  You can also find Wi-Fi at the Tourist Information Center (on Clay Street, across from the entrance to the Vicksburg National Military Park) and the Vicksburg Convention Center (1600 Mulberry Street).


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